Sunday, 16 March 2014


Okay so it is coming up to Summer, everyone has booked holidays and now all that is on your mind is I want to look good in my bikini!!! I right? Well, that is most definitely on my mind.
I decided that I wanted a safe way to loose weight on top of my exercise and healthy eating that I have been trying to do. I have looked at so many different diet plans from the famous 'Juice Plus' to just drinking fluids. Realistically, none of these would work for me as I just love my food to much!

After months of searching, I found something that really did interest me. I discovered BOOTEA.
This claims to be the ultimate teatox for weightless. All you do is have a drink in the morning and at night whilst having healthy food throughout the day and exercising. What more could you want really???
I decided to purchase my tea at Holland and Barretts however they sell it on their website for the same price- £19.99.
I have started my detox. I will be sure to post some reviews on here when I have completed it.

Have you ever tried this BOOTEA?


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