Monday, 7 April 2014


As a Student Nurse I find it either extremely hard to find time to eat lunch when I am in the wards or even harder to not eat a lot of junk as it seems to make myself feel better and draw the attention away from my 12 and a half hour shift I have ahead of me. I decided to do a different post today, something that interests me and thats food and diet. I wanted to take something for my lunch that was healthy and nutritious but was extremely easy and fast to make and kept me full. I have put some pictures below and I will explain how to make it...TRUST ME, ITS SIMPLE!

All the ingredients I used.

I used some shredded lettuce, Red onions, Tuna, Sweetcorn and some Salad dressing. If you don't like something in the ingredients totally take something you love and add it in. 
  1. I just took a small bowl and placed, lettuce, red onion and three quarters of the tin of sweetcorn and placed it into the bowl.
  2. I then drained the brine out of the tuna and added it to the pot.
  3. After mixing all the salad together, I added three teaspoons of Salad dressing to the pot to give my salad that wee bit of extra flavour. (feel free to add BBQ sauce, Mayo, or any other sauce that makes your tastebuds tingle!!!)
  4. I added pepper and put it in the fridge overnight so that it was ready for the morning.
The finished result.

It was fabulous when I had it for lunch today. I am going to add pasta next time and maybe try some different sauces in it. It is such a versatile dish and literally can be tweaked to your taste requirements. I had this with a shape yoghurt and an apple..(because I like to think I am healthy, aha- maybe I shouldn't say about the kit kat).
If you try this at all, please send me a picture and tell me what your version of this included. 
What is your favourite healthy snack? 

Have a fab day.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Brow Fibre Gel that is simply fabulous.

When I was younger I had never really been a huge fan of filling in my eyebrows. I think the main issue was that I never was able to do them...they were always misshaped and just did not look nice at all. Only recently have I started filling in my brows and due to watching many upon many of YouTube videos have I only cracked how to do the perfect brow for my face shape. I love using different products in my eyebrows and I am always looking for new things to try.

If you read my post on Brow Arch March, you would have seen that I went and had my eyebrows done at Benefits Brow Counter. My experience was absolutely fabulous and I shall definitely be back. If you would like a separate blogpost on that, be sure to let me know! After I had my brows waxed and tinted the lady put some product through my brows and it has genuinely changed my life...
Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow "brow volumising" fibre gel*, £17.50
(available in two shades). Available online and on counters now

This product is the god of all eyebrow products in my opinion. This is a tinted Brow gel which makes your eyebrows appear looking fuller and it also adheres to the skin making your eyebrows look simply fabulous. It is Water resistant, long wearing, natural looking and 
build able. 

I absolutely love this product and find that I can use either shade (light/medium or medium/deep) to brush my brows into shape. I fill in the gaps and it just adds a very natural colour to my brows without making them look too overdone. It doesn't budge at all, even after a 12 and a half hour shift my brows are still on top form. The small brush gives you the freedom to get all those wee tiny hairs that no wax will ever be able to make look good. 

Overall, I seriously will never be using another eyebrow product again, this is the definition of fabulous. I advise you all to go out and get your hands on this.

What products do you use in your brows?

Hope you have a fabulous day,
Kates xo